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Professional Welding Service Heavy Design Factory Steel Structure Drawing

Welcome to get the durable, safe and discount professional welding service heavy design factory steel structure drawing from our factory. We are one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering the customized service and low price. With bulk products in stock, we welcome...

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Welcome to get the stable, safety and discount professional welding service heavy design factory steel structure drawing from our factory. we welcome you to check the quotation with us.

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Steel structure features according to customers’ requirements

2. manufacture under complete quality control system---ISO9001&BV

3. installation with instruction of experienced engineers

4. easy to assemble and dismantle

5. Environmental protection material: can be used for several times and can be recycled

6. shorter construction period, longer using time

7. high strength and stiffness, high weight bearing.

8. sound insulation and heat insulation; antisepsis and damp proofing; waterproof and aseismatic







America Standardor Australia Standard (pleasesupplythedetaildate)





















Q1:Why should I build using steel structure?


*Steel has the higher strength.

* 80% recyclable, Steel is the most recycled material in the world.

* No warping, no cracking, no chemical treatments.

* Stronger connection.

* Lower transport costs due to lightweight frames.

* Steel frames will not burn, fire proof.

* Lightning will not affect a steel framed house since steel creates a positive earth. Lightning energy is conducted straight to the ground.

* Each steel structure is a independent engineered.

Q2:Can we construct steel framed house on sea shores or mountains?

Answer:Steel systems are highly resistant to rust by galvanization process and can be lived safely mountainous areas or seaside areas with intense salt.

Q3:Do steel constructions harm the nature?

Answer:Steel is 80% recycling material. So it does less harm to the nature compared with the other type buildings.

Q4:Are steel structure buildings expensive?

Answer:The steel structure of FSS company is economic. Its technology and materials used decreases waste expenses such as wood, decorative stone, brick etc. All the material including the steel frames, wall body and roof for installation are prefabricated during the production process, therefore the labor costs for installation is decreased.

Q5:Can I customize my house?

Answer:We have as a wide variety of finishes and features that will satisfy your personal taste and needs. Please contact our sales to explain some detail you want to customize the house.

Q6:What kinds of material are available?

Answer:FSS Steel Structure company has a wide variety of wall body, doors, windows, roof panel and associated parts to fit our houses. Refer to the materials page for more details. 

Q7:What if I have questions during the installation of my house?

Answer:FSS Steel Structure company has a technical service department ready to answer your 

questions and help you through the process of installing the prefabricated house. 

Q8:How difficult is it to install prefabricated house?

Answer:Some customers who purchase prefabricated house choose to install their own house since 

we supply a bolt together, all-steel frame, which is precision manufactured and prefabricated in factory. 

Therefore, the house is easy for construction. We also offer standardized installation drawings to help in 

the construction of the house. 

Q9:Is there any warranty available on the steel structure buildings?

Answer:The steel structure buildings have limited warranty. Usually, we build the house complied with the GB Chinese standard, which is consult U.S. building codes.

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