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Multi-storey Door Frame Steel Structure Workshop

Multi-storey Door Frame Steel Structure Workshop

Multi-storey steel structure workshop use the professional door frame,keep the building more stable,Erection easier,cost economical.Is the best choice for the industrial building.

Detailed description

Steel structure is made of steel plate, hot rolled steel and cold - processed thin - walled steel.Compared with other materials, it has the following advantages:

(1) high strength of materials and light quality of steel.

(2) toughness, plasticity and material uniformity.

(3) simple manufacturing and short construction period.

(4) good sealing

Steel structure has steel plate, steel belt, Type steel (H steel, channel steel, Angle steel), steel pipe and steel castings.

Application of steel structure -Lightweight steel structure is a new type of structure developed on the basis of ordinary steel structure, which includes the steel structure under all light roofs.

Main structure - pillars, main beams, floor beams, supporting beams, anti - wind columns, crane beams (driving beams), parapet

Second structure-supporting system (including the level of support, column support, tie rod, brake truss) between pillars, roof gutter, roof purlin, metope purlin, brace, brace pipe fittings - ordinary bolt, high strength bolts, bolts, self-tapping screws, rivets, etc.

Enclosure structure - roof panel, wall panel, edge close etc.


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