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Portal Frame Structure Fireproof Steel Beam Steel Space Frame

Welcome to get the durable, safe and discount portal frame structure fireproof steel beam steel space frame from our factory. We are one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering the customized service and low price. With bulk products in stock, we welcome you to check...

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We are one of the leading ready made homes manufacturer and suppliers in China, offering the customized service and low price. With bulk products in stock, we welcome you to check the quotation with us.

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1. Wide span: single span or multiple spans, the max span is 36m without middle column.

2. Fast construction and easy installation.

3. Long using life: up to 50 years.

4. Others: environmental protection, stable structure, earthquake resistance, water proofing, and energy conserving.


1. The main frame of light steel structure warehouse(columns and beams) is made of welded H-style steel.

2. The columns are connected with the foundation by pre-embedding anchor bolt.

3. The beams and columns, beams and beams are connected with high intensity bolts.

4. The envelop construction net is made of cold form C-style purlins.

5. The wall and roof are made of color steel board or color steel sandwich panels, which are connected with the purlin by Self-tapping nails.

6. Doors and windows can be designed at anywhere which can be made into normal type, sliding type or roll up type with material of PVC, metal, alloy aluminum, sandwich panel and so on.

Please tell us information of the following table, then we will design for you.

Date for design

Dead load/Live load

Wind speed (km/h)

Snow load (kg/m2)

Rain load (kg//m2)

Earthquake load ( if have)

Demands for doors and widows

Crane (if have)


Windows and doors quantity, size and location

Roof and wall material, sandwich panel or corrugated  
steel sheet (steel sheet can not heat insulation)


Size—width, length, ever height and roof slope

Single slope or double slope

Single floor, double floor or multi floor


FAQs help you choose products you need        

Q1)  How can you make every coin worthy?

We only recommend you what you really need, rather than the luxury one;

We can free for you to make a primary design plan.

Q2)  Can I have a visit to your factory before the order? 

Why not? welcome to visit our factory. You can fly to Qingdao,Shandong  Airport. We will pick you up in the airport. 

Q3)  How long can the space frame be used? 

The use life of the main structure is the designed used life, that is 50-100 years (standard request of GB). 

Q4)  How long is the use life of roof cover? 

The use life of PE coating is usually 10-25 years. The use life of roof day-lighting panel is shorter, usually 8-15 years.

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