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Welded joints of steel structure construction

Qingdao FSS Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2017

Welded joints of steel structure construction
Less rigid joints, avoid intensive, two-way, three-way intersection under different welding methods of rational use of Groove shape and size. Weld position to avoid high stress areas; for welding operations, avoiding overhead position welding; minimizing the number and size of weld; arrangement of weld in the Member section of the neutral axis of symmetry; manufacture and installation when the unit responsible for the welding of steel structure project construction drawing design, should be commensurate with the type of engineering structures design qualification or approved by the original design unit.
When welded connections, wall thickness of 5 mm or more pipes, end part of its counterpart welding interface should have the 30~35 ° Groove, Lippi should stay on the edges has 1~2 mm thick blunt edge. Groove available in mechanical or gas welding process, welding processing of residues should be removed, inequality should be sanded smooth. Two corresponding axial clearance, when wall thickness 3~5 mm 1~1.5 mm; pipe wall thickness 5~9 mm to 1.5~2 mm; pipe wall thickness 9 mm to 2~3 mm. Counterpart of straight seam welded steel welding, the longitudinal weld shall be staggered is not less than 100 mm. When adopting a flange connection, flange should be perpendicular to the pipe centerline, a re-implementation of two flanges should be parallel to each other. The thickness of the flange gasket designs provided, asbestos rubber washers or fibre washers should not be greater than 3 mm, 3~5 mm thickness of the rubber gasket. Inner diameter of the washer should fit with the inner diameter of the pipe outside diameter should contact with the bolt. Flange interface may not be buried in the soil, Ying An built into a manhole or in the gutter, when exceptional circumstances must be buried in the soil, and should take appropriate protective measures.

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